We taught the lessons,
but did we have an impact?
Did we help the human race?

Equipping Teachers to Address Climate Change

Educators are in a unique position to help a large segment of the population understand the causes and effects of climate change. Yet many lack the background information, teaching strategies, and resources to feel confident teaching climate science.

Kottie can help. She works with educators – elementary through high school – helping them design climate change and sustainability lessons that fit with their required curriculum. She tailors each professional development experience to meet the needs of her participants, whether they be science teachers or ELA teachers, teachers looking to use a multi-disciplinary approach, or informal educators in search of fun quick activities that leave a lasting impression.

Kottie Christie-Blick is a skilled education consultant, university course instructor, award-winning classroom teacher, member of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Planet Stewards Program, and webmaster of the popular website, KidsAgainstClimateChange.com. She has the experience and expertise to inspire educators and build their confidence, so they can engage their students and affect societal change.



Participants learn the causes and effects of climate change, and how climate science meets required curriculum standards. They leave feeling equipped to empower their students.

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Learn by doing! Educators participate in hands-on activities and build lessons that meet their needs. They experience that sense of discovery they will foster in their own students.

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Formal and informal educators learn what they need to train others to teach climate science effectively: climate change background information, hands-on activities, and communication techniques.

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Ready to teach climate science?


Learn from an expert

Kottie offers a wealth of experience from a career in the classroom to working at the collegiate level, to providing professional development for formal and informal educators.


What teachers are saying…

“Loved the activities. You obviously understand hands-on and life in the classroom.”
— Teacher

How do you help teachers feel comfortable teaching climate change?

Teach it, model it, let them practice it!


Climate change in the Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS’s three dimensions of learning help children understand the science of climate change at each grade level.


An authentic audience for students and free resources for teachers

Kids Against Climate Change is a website by kids for kids, hosted by Ms. Christie-Blick.